I've Retired!
It's time to start looking for a new showtimes website. Thursday, 1/26/23 was the last day for schedules on this site.
You can click your favored theater and bookmark their website, or try any of the dominant search engines for local listings.

Thanks to all the people who've said kind things about the site. I've tried to keep it simple and productive.


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Sonoma Movies dot com Hints
Your options with this web site include:
  1. For most films you can click the title to view the studio publicity site.
  2. You can click the icon to view Internet Movie Database information including (usually) the reason for the film rating and run time of the movie. You can settle arguments about who was in a film and where you've seen them before using the tools on the IMDb.
  3. For all theaters, you can click the theater name to view their own website.
  4. The list by film includes every theater in the North Bay, while the list by city or theater is more focused.
  5. Multiple listings for the same film at one theater usually means schedules change during the week - or - there's something different among the shows (sound system, for instance).
  6. Don't assume there are no restrictions at a show just because none are noted. I note what I'm given by the theaters but the level of detail varies widely. The theater makes the final decisions and I'll report them if I'm advised.
If you want to bookmark something other than the main page:
  1. You can make a bookmark for your preferred North Bay city.
  2. You can make a bookmark for your preferred North Bay theater.
    (If your theater doesn't provide a schedule to me, I may not always be able to post a schedule.)
  3. You can make a bookmark for the list of all films playing in the North Bay. The list is replaced each week.
  4. Don't bookmark any of the specific movies. They come and go too frequently and I don't keep archives of films after they've gone.

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